Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fedora Core 10 Review, Part 1 - The Install

Fedora 10 (codename Cambridge), released 25 November 2008 has been hyped to be as good as Fedora 6. Now I loved Fedora 6 and used it as my primary desktop for a long time. Then I "upgraded" to 8, that was a huge disappointment. I skipped even trying 9 after the headaches with 8. When I heard all the talk about Fedora 10 I thought I should give it a try.

I downloaded the DVD ISO and burned it. It is available at
Put the disk in and booted from it. Here is the first screen.

The Fist thing I thought was "great no stupid balloons" The install
screen looked good. No surprises on the options, pretty standard for a Fedora distro, or any distro of Linux for that matter.
Hit enter and away I went.

This was new, not very flashy but functional, at least you know it is
doing something. Although not sure why they didn't go with a a nice
splash screen? Then I got the familiar Anaconda screen.

Anaconda to be exact. No surprise here. It seems to be quick to load although I did not put a clock on it.

The new theme looked great on the installer. Looked fresh and new. I
just went through the standard steps to install Fedora. I will just
give you some screen shots so you can get the feel of it.

The whole install took about 27 minutes start to finish. Everything
went smooth with no issues. The anaconda installer performed as
expected, and I really liked the new theme. What can you really say about a Fedora/Anaconda install, if it doesn't fail it did its job. Looking forward to working with Fedora Core 10.

In Part 2 I will get into the real meat of the Review. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

your installation guide preview is incomplete, hope to see the completeness of it. Congrats that helps.....