Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blind Valet Tournament Clock and Linux

Like I said before I like to play poker online or play real games. When we play real tournaments it is always hard to set up the blind structure, when the blinds go up and how much they go up. We never know how long the tourney is going to last. It becomes almost a full time job just managing the tournaments, you don't have time to play or at least to play well. So I went out looking for a tool to help. My requirements:
  1. Takes care of the blind structure.
  2. Keeps track of time and when the blinds go up.
  3. Runs on Linux ( the only real desktop OS).
  4. FREE!

I did find "The Tournament Director", which seems to do everything I need, but it does not run on Linux and you have to pay for it. Also, I tried creating a couple structures with it's blind structure creator and they were awful. Completely unusable. There were a couple of others that I saw. Mostly clocks and blind structure generators. Then I found one that fits all my needs, Blind Valet. This is a Flash Application that runs in your Browser (tested on Firefox 3.0 and Ubuntu). It does everything. You can set up your blind Structures change them and play around with the time of the tourney. You can also set up re-buys and configure the colors and sounds. Then it launches the clock and away you go. During the tourney you tell it when a player is out by clicking down the number of people and it makes all the calculations to figure out average stack. This little tool does everything and it is FREE!

Setting up the Structure.

The Clock Running

Here is the customized clock. That is what makes this clock great.

Now this is a must for any home Tourney! Works great on Linux and I even have used it on my Blackjack 2 Cell using the Skyfire Browser.

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