Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BlackJack II must have software

I recently got myself a Samsung Blackjack II (AT&T). I love the phone, but noticed right away that it needed more. So I started finding all the software that worked well. I tested a lot of crappy programs, hope it saves you some time. I have a nice little list of software that makes this phone much nicer. Hope it helps.

  1. The Explorer that comes with Windows mobile 6 sucks. Get yourself the Skyfire Browser. the Skyfire browser is currently in Beta but seems to work great. WIth Skyfire you can watch any video (yes including http://www.youtube.com), listen to any music, socialize on any network and browse whatever you want. It is the best browser I have found for the moble platform. Get it at http://www.skyfire.com/.
  2. Get yourself a big micro SD card. 2 gig or better. 4 gig is a nice price point. The phone allows you to use it as a USB drive also.
  3. Get a the Divx player for the mobile platform. This allows you to play all those divx movies you have at home on your computer. I don't even bother making the files smaller, thats why I said go with the bigger card. It is a free download http://www.divx.com/mobile/
  4. Dowload Google Maps, it might just keep you from getting lost.
  5. GPS, here is the fun part. Now AT&T would have you think that you can only use the GPS on the phone if you pay an extra $9.99 a month. Not true! Here is how you unlock your Samsung Blackjack II GPS.
  6. You also may want a better GPS app. Check out Noni GPS Plot.
While I set up this stuff on the Blackjack II, most of it will work with any Windows Mobile device. You can also set up some games, I installed Atari 2600 Games on the Blackjack.
You can read more at http://www.crackednoodle.com


Pickel said...

Hey Brad...nice site. Not jazzing it up at all? Traditional template, eh?

M said...

Hey! nice site. Thanks this site is great!

Just a heads up i picked up a 8gb microSDHC and it works flawlessly, maybe you wanna add that to the list?

I picked it up off amazon.com for ~38$ shipped to my door, with a SDHC usb card reader!

And contrary to popular belief it is 'class 2' and most people say that the BJ2 ONLY likes the 'class 4'

Anyways just putting it out there for ya!

Brad Kelley said...

Thanks for the info. Did you take a look at the Atari 2600 on the BlackJack?

Samsung Toner Cartridges said...

Wow this is great!

I will get the software right away. I think i saw something about it on tv but i didn't pay any attention to it before i got my new phone two weeks ago.

I love this phone and i don't think ill be replacing it for a long time especially with the software!

Thank you!

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